Wall Decor

A hot trend in the Indian market — CNC cutting designs or jali design — has taken homes and commercial spaces by storm. These fancy designs are versatile and can be used to make your home look ethnic or contemporary, depending upon your choice. 

What is it?

Intricate cnc jaali designs take their inspiration from Mashrabiya — an Arabic term for lattice-work windows in stone or wood that spread across India thanks to Islamic architecture, and our Mughal rulers. The designs are mimicked on wood panels today to create hypnotic, mesmerizing patterns, and give it a contemporary feel.

Where can it be used?

These beautiful and versatile laser cut wood panels are light and can be used on furniture, as room partitions or even on a wall. Back-lit laser cut panels and false ceiling panels are currently in vogue.

What are the popular designs?

From traditional favorites like paisleys to contemporary geometric designs like hexagon lattice, laser cutting makes it all possible. There is a great range of choices and plenty of scope for customisation.

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